Getting there

JANUARY, 2023: Brahma Kumaris, Southern Highlands, NSW.

Picton is a charming, historic village 92.5 km from Sydney on the M5 and Hume Motorway/M31. You can drive or catch a train. There are express trains (about one hour from Sydney) as well as trains with more frequent stops. Travelling time is about 2 hours.

Brahma Kumaris is 10 km from the historic Picton village and station.

2022: Chania, Crete

There are several ways to get there.

If you’ve got the time, the leisurely, romantic way is to fly to Rome, get trains through Italy all the way down the boot to Brindisi, and from there get ferries to Chania, Crete. You’ll feel so rested when you get there!

But there are faster ways:

By air

Aegean Airlines flies from Athens to Chania daily. They also fly from various other European destinations, depending on where you are coming from. Check Aegean Airlines website

By ferry

You can take a ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Chania. They are usually overnight and you have the option of a cabin or on deck. Best to book early. Here is the link;

Once you have made arrangements please let Judy know so that you can be met on arrival at the ferry wharf. (